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COVID hits Fighting 15s

Last week, all of the family tested positive for COVID. We feel lucky to have escaped COVID for so long, until a milder variant is doing the rounds, and multiple vaccinations have almost certainly reduced the impact. All of us are doing fine, but I wouldn’t describe the experience as enjoyable. I do not want […]

Delivery suspended for Ireland and Italy

Fighting 15s regrets that customs-related issues with Italy and the Republic of Ireland mean we have temporarily suspended deliveries to both countries. Italy has a massive backlog of customs parcels caused by an issue with Poste Italiane’s IT systems affecting all parcels from outside the EU. See Ireland has a long-running issue with rejecting […]

French Army of the North 1815 Orbat Flags

They’ve been a little late joining battle with the existing flags for the Anglo-Allied Army of 1815, but the 15mm flags for the French for the Waterloo campaign are now available in the Fighting 15s shop. The Orders of Battle flags are ideal for wargamers or collectors who wish to have the correct flags for […]

Fighting 15s and wargames shows in 2021

Just to reiterate that there is absolutely no chance that Fighting 15s will attend any wargames show in 2021, either in a professional capacity with a stand or in a personal capacity as a visitor. Don’t hold out much hope of it happening in 2022 either. I fully realize that some wargames traders’ lives are […]

Fighting 15s and orders to the EU

The EU’s new rules on import tax come into force today and will have precisely no effect on Fighting 15s sending orders to customers there. They affect what happens from the customer’s end, but here in the UK we’ve been living with much the same EU-agreed laws on imports since 1 January 2021 – the […]

Martian Empires: Four-armed Giant Apes

Fighting 15s announces the release of Four-armed Giant Apes for the Martian Empires range of 18mm figures. These are the first new releases for Martian Empires for a few years, and mark the start of our work to complete the range begun by Mike Lewis of Black Hat Miniatures. Two different apes are available, priced […]