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Fighting 15s' thoughts on Brexit

Anyone who cares to skip across to my personal blog (The Strange Worlds of Orun hi Kharsan) will find my personal thoughts on Brexit and its effect on small UK wargames businesses such as Fighting 15s. In an area of debate where politicians of both sides appear to be able to get away with audacious […]

Fighting 15s and Bartek's playing cards at Salute 2016

Bartek’s decks of fully illustrated 17th century pin-up girl playing cards, Wild Wild Fields, will be available at Salute through Colonel Bill’s, Fighting 15s’ authorized reseller for the cards at UK wargames shows. Colonel Bill’s has been taking the decks around the UK for us since their release, and Fighting 15s is pleased that Stuart […]

New card processor option for Fighting 15s

Fighting 15s has added an alternative credit and debit card processor to the online shop. The new Barclaycard option is in addition to our existing option to take card payments via PayPal. Some customers occasionally have issues with paying by card via the PayPal interface, incorrectly believing that they need a PayPal account, and the […]

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Fighting 15s re-releases 18mm Napoleon in Egypt range

Earlier this year, Fighting 15s acquired the Napoleon in Egypt range of 18mm wargames figures from Black Hat Miniatures. Reorganization and re-photographing of the range is now complete and Fighting 15s is delighted to announce that these figures are now available to buy in the online shop. The range is as follows: NE001 French Infantry […]

Fighting 15s releases 15mm Ancien Régime flags

Fighting 15s  has released 30 sheets of 15mm paper flags for Ancien Régime infantry. The flags are suitable for French infantry from the Seven Years War right up to the Revolutionary Wars. Each sheet costs £4.00 including VAT and sheets typically contain 12 flags – six white Colonel’s flags and six coloured Ordonnance flags. Flags […]

Napoleonic painting guides from Fighting 15s

Once upon a time, Fighting 15s was just a figure painting service specialising in 15mm Napoleonics. It’s where the name comes from – an allusion to British regimental nicknames such as the “Fighting 15th”, the King’s Hussars, and to magnificent pieces of technology such as the F-15 Eagle. Way back then, Fighting 15s had two […]

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Grand Prince Vytautas rides out in 15mm

Following on the heels of the re-released 15mm Teutonic Order and Polish figures for the Battle of Tannenberg (Grünwald) 1410 come the Lithuanians. Formerly produced by Oddział Osmy of Poland, these figures are now available through Fighting 15s. The Lithuanians comprise three packs: ML01 Lithuanian Boyars ML02 Grand Prince Vytautas and retinue ML03 Lithuanian light […]

15mm Napoleonic Saxon Chevaulegers 1809

Fighting 15s has re-released the 15mm 1809 Saxon chevaulegers formerly made by Oddzial Osmy of Poland. The chevaulegers have been remastered, have new production moulds and now come with one-piece horses, rather than the two-part horses of the originals: riders are still separate from the horses. Figures are priced at £3.20 for four identical troopers […]

Fighting 15s announces… Fighting 15s Figures

Fighting 15s’ long hot summer of reorganization and rationalization has seen a new section arrive in the online shop: Fighting 15s Figures. Fighting 15s Figures is home to the ranges that we ourselves own and produce: Huzzah! Miniatures, Flashing Blade, and the 15mm medievals and Napoleonics formerly made by Oddzial Osmy. These have all been […]

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Fighting 15s and Carronade, Triples and Walk the Wight 2014

Fighting 15s would ordinarily be attending Carronade in Falkirk this coming weekend, followed by a short holiday on the mainland and then an appearance at Sheffield Triples the weekend after. This year, however, Fighting 15s’ owner Ian is taking part in Walk the Wight, which falls on the same weekend as Carronade, and which therefore […]