Work resumes on Huzzah! Glorious Empires

The Christmas break has given Ian a chance to get some serious playtesting and work done on Huzzah! Glorious Empires (formerly known as Huzzah! GTx), Oozlum Games’ forthcoming grand tactical wargames rules for the Napoleonic period. Updates are again being posted on the game’s Yahoo! group at
The game was last updated in April 2006 – yes, 2006! – and the latest playtests mean that a revision will be due shortly. Development work on the game took a break because of a serious family illness, and Ian is only now finding time and energy to pick up the pieces with the aim of publishing the game within the next year. Oozlum Games is aiming at 2013 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the tactical version of the rules, Huzzah!.
Besides the revision to the rules, work is also under way on army lists for the game, a few beta versions of which are now available on the Yahoo! group for playtesting purposes. This will end the reliance of Glorious Empires on the development platform that is the original Huzzah! rules, and remove a somewhat complex formula for determining unit quality.
Although Oozlum Games therefore welcomes interest now in the development of Huzzah! Glorious Empires, a better version for playtesting will be available within the next few weeks. Keep an eye out for announcements.