Terms & Conditions

From 30 March 2021

The items on this site are not suitable for children aged under 14 years. The items on this site are not toys.

Most white metal figures made by Fighting 15s are cast in lead-free pewter. However, it is possible that white metal items may still contain lead, which is dangerous if chewed or swallowed. White metal items may also have sharp points or edges, which can injure if handled incorrectly or present a choking hazard. Fighting 15s may have to cast some items that are difficult to cast in pewter in traditional tin-lead alloy.

Resin items are made using fast-cure polyurethane. Small resin items may present a choking hazard.

Acrylic paints are water-based and non-toxic. In the event of contact with the eyes, wash copiously with cold water and seek medical advice.

Do not use chemicals to clean white metal figures because acids and alkalis may damage them irreparably.

All cookies used in Fighting 15s shop are essential to the operation of the shop and the site is therefore compliant with cookie laws.

Personal information collected on this site is held off site in a database as part of our online shop. Fighting 15s will not pass on this information to any other person or organisation.

Fighting 15s uses third-party payment gateways and therefore does not store customers’ financial details.

Fighting 15s is registered for VAT, VAT number GB 917 3277 15.

Within the UK, prices of miniature figures, paints and models in the shop include VAT at 20%. Books, including wargames rules, are zero-rated for VAT.

Customers outside the UK are not charged VAT. VAT is removed for export orders when the correct tax region is entered in the shopping cart.

Fighting 15s is run by Ian Marsh at Green Butts, Colwell Road, Freshwater, Isle of Wight, PO40 9SL. Visitors by appointment only.

Email: Please use our contact page form to reach us by email. Please be patient if you do not get a prompt answer: paid-for orders in the online shop receive priority over everything else.

Telephone: +44 (0) 2380 970715. Enquiries only.

Fighting 15s is a one-man business and the ability to process orders may therefore be affected by illness, holidays, family matters, workload, or working conditions in the workshop, such as extreme heat or cold.

The abbreviation UK is used to mean the countries of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The abbreviation EU is used on the site to mean the European Union and its constituent countries. The term Europe is used to mean countries on continental Europe, and excludes the UK but includes those that are part of continental Europe but not a member of the EU.

The Add to Basket option for products listed in shop categories is provided for customers’ convenience. Each product has a full description detailing pack contents, delivery and stock limitations that may be obtained by clicking on a picture or item title in the main categories. Customers are assumed to have read a product’s full description before buying.

All metal or resin items are cast to order. Items that we make ourselves are set to show high stock levels so that they remain listed in the shop, but they still need to be cast to order.

Painted figures shown on the site are for display purposes only. All items are sold unpainted and unassembled.

Fighting 15s’ prices are set using pounds Sterling (GBP) and only this currency is used for financial transactions. Prices for other currencies – euros, US dollars, Australian dollars and Swedish kronor – in the shop are approximations based on average exchange rates: the total will always be charged in GBP and actual conversion rates will depend on the exchange rates of the payment card companies.

The casting processes used to make white metal or resin items may result in mould lines, vent material, and flash: items may require cleaning up to remove mould lines, vent material, and flash. Multi-part kits may require modelling experience to assemble. The tools used to remove mould lines and flash may be dangerous if used incorrectly: seek advice from an experienced modeller and wear appropriate protection.

The contents of standard packs are fixed and may not be changed.

Fighting 15s reserves the right not to supply goods where errors in the coding of the website or errors in information provided by suppliers result in incorrect prices or details of pack contents. Information about items on the site is provided in good faith.

Mounted figures come with appropriate horses. Riders are not sold separately from horses.

Prices are subject to change at no notice.

Payments made by card (by Square, Stripe or PayPal), Apple Pay, Google Pay or by PayPal are taken at the time of ordering. The shopping cart provides a Telephone Payment option for customers who want payment to be taken at the time of dispatch.

Ownership of the IP of items made by Fighting 15s remains with Fighting 15s. Customers may not make copies of products they have bought, whether physical or digital and whether in full or in part, that breach that IP, even if those copies are for their own use.

All customers outside the UK are responsible for paying any and all customs, duty and handling charges on their orders. Customers who are liable for such charges and decide not to pay them, resulting in the return of their order, become liable for the original delivery cost of their order.

All customers are bound to pay the full cost of returning unwanted items.

Customers place orders online in the shop using the shopping cart as part of Fighting 15s’ website, www.fighting15s.com

Customers complete the order online by paying by PayPal, or by credit or debit card using PayPal, Square or Stripe as a third-party payment processor. This method takes payment at the time of ordering. Customers can instead pay by credit or debit card over the phone, completing their order using the telephone payment option in the shopping cart. Customers that choose telephone payment must call Fighting 15s within seven days to provide payment details. For telephone payments, Fighting 15s will only take payment when the order is ready for dispatch. Fighting 15s will not start work on an order until it is paid for or until Fighting 15s has been provided with payment details. Fighting 15s gives priority to orders for which payment is taken at the time of ordering.

The online shop automatically sends customers an email, status PROCESSING, that acknowledges receipt, not acceptance, of their order. The email confirms the contents of that order as entered by the customer, and provides a link to a durable copy of Fighting 15s’ terms and conditions for the customer’s reference.

Fighting 15s downloads orders from the shop, prints out one copy to provide a packing list for Fighting 15s’ use and one copy for the customer that serves as a receipt or invoice.

Fighting 15s then takes the following steps, the timing of which depend on workload. In exceptionally busy periods these steps may happen over a period of up to a week; more usually, they happen within one to two working days. Sometimes Fighting 15s can accomplish them in a matter of hours.

Fighting 15s checks customers’ orders. At this point an order may be declined and cancelled by Fighting 15s. An order may be declined or cancelled if, for example, it is unclear, incomplete for some reason, breaks Fighting 15s’ territorial or licensing restrictions, exploits an error in the shop’s programming or data, appears fraudulent, or if the customer fails to provide payment details.

Orders are dealt with in order of date, oldest first.

Orders are packed when all items are available to complete them, payment is taken if still due, and orders are taken to the Post Office for dispatch or collected by Royal Mail or a courier. Customers are sent an email advising that their order has been COMPLETED. Emails contain tracking numbers for international customers who have chosen Tracked Delivery.

Important: During the coronavirus pandemic, Fighting 15s is using Royal Mail’s click and drop service to post orders using a post box, rather than a post office, and therefore avoid unnecessary contact with other people. Tracked or signed for services are being sent using Royal Mail’s collect service, and again this avoids unnecessary contact with other people.

Customers receive their orders. Delivery typically takes one day to a week in the UK for standard delivery, and two to four weeks for standard international delivery. Customers who have not received their orders within those times should contact Fighting 15s.

Important: During the coronavirus pandemic, UK orders have been taking from eight to 10 days to arrive by first class post. Please, therefore, allow two weeks for delivery in the UK from the time of dispatch. International mail centres in many major countries are overloaded, resulting in severe delays to mail, and non-UK customers should therefore allow from six to 10 weeks for delivery from the time of dispatch.

Customers check their orders and notify Fighting 15s within 14 working days if there are any errors, omissions or breakages. Fighting 15s takes great care when packing orders and mistakes are rare, but they do happen. Fighting 15s corrects errors and sends out replacements or missing items by standard delivery.

Pictures on the site may not show all possible variants for each code and are not an indication of the exact variant mix supplied. Mounted figures are provided with a suitable horse, provided at random if variants are available.

All figures are picked at random. Under no circumstances whatsoever can Fighting 15s guarantee to supply a specific variant. Fighting 15s cannot therefore accept orders that are conditional on a specific variant of a figure being supplied.

Customers are sent written confirmation by email that their order has been received (the PROCESSING email). Confirmation that an order has been received does not constitute acceptance of that order. Fighting 15s reserves the right not to supply items where errors arise in the price, code or description in the shop, or if mail order customers provide insufficient payment. Fighting 15s reserves the right to decline such orders, and to decline orders that are not economic to make.

Please note that the receipt will show an itemized list of items ordered (VAT-inclusive prices if appropriate), a sub-total (inc VAT if appropriate), delivery charge (inc VAT), the total due (inc VAT) with the tax element and tax rate shown in brackets.

PayPal’s “instructions to merchant” do not form part of Fighting 15s’ orders processing system nor part of Fighting 15s’ contract with customers.

Fighting 15s’ priority at all times is dealing with paid-for orders placed in the online shop. All other types of order are accepted at Fighting 15s’ discretion and – this is important – are dealt with only when there are no online orders left to process.

Please note that because of increasing hearing difficulties, Fighting 15s prefers not to take orders by phone, because mistakes inevitably arise.

Fighting 15s cannot receive orders by fax, and will not take orders by messaging services or text.

Fighting 15s does not give discounts to customers that place orders by phone, email or post because such orders take longer to process. Online discounts are available only to customers that place orders online.

Fighting 15s cancels and refunds any order if the issuing country of the credit card differs from the country in the cardholder’s address. Such transactions most commonly prove to be fraudulent.

Fighting 15s aims to dispatch orders with the least possible delay to customers, and one consequence of this is that there may be a limited opportunity to change an order once placed in the online shop. Customers should contact Fighting 15s as quickly as possible by email to request changes to an order.

Changes are limited to substituting items for another of equal or lower value. Fighting 15s will refund the difference if the item is of lower value.

Because Fighting 15s does not see or store customers’ payment details and cannot therefore charge for additional items, customers that want to add items to an order must instead place a new order or provide new payment details.

Please note that Fighting 15s may make a small administrative charge of 20p plus VAT for additions to an order that come to less than £10.

Orders placed in the shop are considered abandoned after one hour if payment is not completed. Customers are automatically sent two reminder emails, after one day and after seven days, if they placed an order in the shop but did not complete payment. After 10 days an abandoned order is automatically deleted.

Most orders for which all items are already cast or in stock are dispatched within seven working days of ordering, subject to delays resulting from holidays, sickness, or preparations for wargames shows. Working days exclude Saturdays and Sundays.

Items that are cast to order are usually dispatched within seven to 28 working days of ordering.

Orders are shipped in their entirety where possible, and dispatch of an order will usually be delayed if an item that is out of stock is expected to come back into stock in the near future.

A condition of delivery is that after dispatch an order may take up to 15 working days to arrive at an address in the UK, and up to 56 working days to arrive at an address outside the UK.

All delivery charges are non-negotiable.

The shopping cart calculates the appropriate delivery charge according to the total weight and volume of an order. Fighting 15s’ delivery charge is based on the standard rates set each year by Royal Mail for parcel weights, plus standard order costs (the fixed costs for each order) and VAT. The shopping cart also uses the Royal Mail rates for large letters up to 100g to allow for light, non-bulky orders. Royal Mail letter rate is also used for light orders containing only flags.

Standard order costs include the cost of the mailing box, posting labels and packaging, and the cost of getting orders to a post office or of having orders collected by Royal Mail.

VAT is added to delivery charges for all orders delivered within the UK. Although postage itself is exempt from VAT, companies must levy VAT on delivery charges according to the VAT rate of the contents.

Tracked or signed European or worldwide delivery uses the Royal Mail’s Tracked or Tracked and Signed services where possible. Tracked or signed European or worldwide delivery is charged at the basic rate for the service; any charges for additional levels of compensation are borne by Fighting 15s. All standard delivery European or worldwide items over about 500g are sent tracked or signed. All orders to Italy are sent tracked or signed.

Customers that choose inappropriate delivery options for their location will have items removed from their order up to the cost of the required delivery charge.

Customers are liable for the full costs of re-delivering an item that they have failed to collect from a sorting office and which has been returned to Fighting 15s by the mail service. Alternatively, Fighting 15s will cancel and refund such a returned order.

In the rare event that an order goes astray in the post, we will replace or refund it without quibble if the order has been sent using tracked or signed delivery.

A customer whose order has been sent by standard delivery will be refunded in full if an order is lost in the post, and the original order will be cancelled. The order will need to be made again, this time choosing a tracked or signed delivery option. Fighting 15s may instead at its discretion replace small, low-value orders that are lost in the post.

Customers within the UK and European Union (EU) have certain rights under the 2014 Consumer Contracts Regulations (distance selling regulations).

Customers within the UK and EU can change their mind and cancel or return an order starting from the moment they place an order up until 14 working days of receipt without giving a reason (working days are defined as Monday through to Friday and therefore exclude Saturday and Sunday). Fighting 15s will issue a refund within 14 working days of receiving a request for a refund.

Customers outside both the UK and the EU can change their mind and cancel or return an order starting from the moment they place an order up until 14 working days of receipt without giving a reason. Fighting 15s will issue a refund on the return of the order, or within 14 working days if an order is cancelled before dispatch.

Although customers do not have to give a reason for cancelling an order or returning items, they must obviously advise Fighting 15s that they wish to either cancel an order or return items so that Fighting 15s is aware of their wishes.

Our model form for an email or letter to cancel an order is simply to write: “Please cancel my order, reference ORDER NUMBER”, replacing ORDER NUMBER with the appropriate order number, which takes the form F15-xxxxxx-DDMMYY. There is no need to give a reason for the cancellation.

All customers must return goods supplied to them if they cancel an order and must return unwanted goods at their own expense. Customers must advise Fighting 15s within 14 working days of receipt of an order if they want to return items. Customers have 14 working days in which to return unwanted items; these 14 days are in addition to the 14 days within which a customer has a right to cancel. Failure to return goods leaves customers liable for the full cost of recovering the goods.

All customers are bound to take good care of goods they receive and to return unwanted items in good condition. Customers that do not return unwanted items in good condition are liable for the cost of such items.

After 14 working days of receipt goods legally become the property of the customer. After this time unless goods prove to be faulty there is no right of return for items that are no longer wanted. Customers must therefore advise Fighting 15s that items have been damaged in transit within 14 working days of receipt.

Distance selling regulations do not apply if a customer has bought the same or similar items before, or has examined or bought the same or similar items before in person, such as at a wargames show. In such circumstances consumer rights are limited to the replacement of faulty items only. EU distance selling regulations do not apply to customers outside the European Union, however, Fighting 15s uses them as the basis for dealing fairly with non-EU customers.

All goods are provided without a manufacturer’s warranty. For all customers, however, Fighting 15s will replace figures that are faulty (miscast or broken figures, or figures that exhibit severe mould slippage). Mould lines, vent metal, sprue, flash and slight mismatches between mould halves are not regarded as faults: they are unavoidable features of the spin-casting process, which is a cheap, imprecise means of reproducing items. Customers are expected to clean up spin-cast items with a file, snips or suitable blade to resolve such features.

Customers must advise Fighting 15s of faults in items within one month of receipt. Fighting 15s will replace without quibble an item that is identified and confirmed as faulty within one month of receipt.

Faulty figures or figures that are damaged in transit must be returned to Fighting 15s so that the metal may be reused. Fighting 15s reimburses the cost of returning faulty items. If an item is returned to Fighting 15s because it has not been collected in time from the sorting office, Fighting 15s will cancel the order and make a full refund, unless the customer agrees to pay for the cost of redelivery.

If an item is returned to Fighting 15s because a customer does not wish to pay the appropriate duty and handling charges that are due on import to their country, that customer becomes liable for the original delivery costs of the order. Fighting 15s will cancel the order and make a refund less the cost of shipping.

Customers must inspect their order within 14 working days of receipt. After 14 working days of receipt goods legally become the property of the customer and the customer is deemed to have accepted the order as complete. Customers should therefore advise Fighting 15s of any missing or wrongly supplied items within 14 working days of receipt to get the mistake corrected. Mistakes will not be corrected after 14 working days of receipt. Fighting 15s will replace without quibble any missing or wrongly supplied items within that time limit.

Fighting 15s marks items that are to follow on the receipt included in each order, and usually also duplicates that information in the email confirming dispatch of the order. Such items are not regarded as missing items, and they will be supplied as soon as stock becomes available.

Customers should note that orders may be photographed and weighed before dispatch to confirm those orders’ contents.

If you have a query about your order, or in the unlikely event of a complaint, please contact us by phone +44 (0) 2380 970915. Alternatively, use the contact form provided on the website.

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