Restocks of Bartek's 17th century playing cards arrive at Fighting 15s

Fighting 15s’ initial stocks of 17th century pin-up playing cards by Bartek have run out – but don’t panic, because a new delivery arrived today.
The state of the pound against the Polish zloty and the need to make a distributorship margin now that Colonel Bill’s takes the cards to UK wargames shows on Fighting 15s’ behalf mean that the price has risen to £12 inc VAT per deck. Fighting 15s still offers the chance to make a saving on a red-backed and blue-backed deck bought together: a pair costs £23 including VAT.
The cards are available to buy in the Fighting 15s shop at
Bartek’s Napoleonic deck is still out of print. He is slowly working on an entirely new Napoleonic deck, which sales of the 17th century deck will fund.