Oozlum Games: Price cut on Martian Empires rules

Martian Empires, Oozlum Games’ set of Victorian SF rules, has dropped in price from GBP15.00 to GBP10.00. Mike and I have been talking about the price of this set of rules for some time, and as we have virtually covered our printing costs, and because Mike has a whole pile of new releases planned or under way for figures for the game, we have decided the price can drop to stimulate further interest – the Yahoo group already has over 400 members, which is quite healthy, but more are welcome.
I am also still working on putting together the print edition of Huzzah!, which will be Oozlum Games’ next release, probably around the time of Salute 2010. But I have a lot to do to get it to the same standard as Martian Empires on presentation, and to combine the current three volumes into one.
Martian Empires is available direct from Black Hat in the UK and Scale Creep in the US. The price in the US has fallen from USD35.00 to just USD20.00. Martian Empires is also listed in the rules section of the Fighting 15s site.