Extra flags for 15mm AB Austrians

We have now overhauled all the Austrian Napoleonic infantry flags in the 15mm Flags for AB range so that sheets now contain nine infantry flags as opposed to six. The price per sheet remains unchanged at GBP3.25 including VAT (or about GBP2.77 ex VAT for customers outside the EU), making the sheets better value for […]

Little Green Men on the Isle of Wight

Further to the Martian invasion of Surrey, we now have little green men of sorts on the Isle of Wight. Orders that are not packed with reused materials are now packed using biodegradable bubble wrap – the green-coloured sort that starts to break down sometime after it has been exposed to light. We’re pleased to […]

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Martian invaders overwhelm Surrey

Martian Empires has arrived back from the printers, and Mike now has boxes of the rules overwhelming his office in leafy Surrey. The rules are available to buy from the Black Hat Miniatures website and will also be available at Warfare in Reading. Mike and Black Hat Miniatures are handling all sales of these rules, […]

Huzzah! main rules updated

Book 1 of Huzzah! has been updated and is now at version 1.11. Huzzah! is Oozlum Games’ set of free tactical Napoleonic wargames rules. Book 1 is the main rules book. The update is likely to be the last made to the free edition of these rules. The updated version is available from the Huzzah! […]

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15mm flags for Baden, Hesse-Darmstadt and Westphalia

The latest additions to our 15mm Flags for AB range of Napoleonic flags include sheets for Baden, Hesse-Darmstadt and Westphalia. Sheets are GBP3.00 each and they are available now in the online shop. Codes and contents are as follows: Baden CRB-F01 1st to 4th infantry, light dragoon squadron, hussar regiment and Guard du Corps (13 […]

15mm Flags for AB: The Italian Job

Flags for the Kingdom of Italy and Kingdom of Naples are the latest arrivals in our 15mm Napoleonic Flags for AB range. The range covers the 1802, 1809 and 1813 pattern flags for the Kingdom of Italy, and the 1806, 1809 and 1814 pattern flags for the Kingdom of Naples. The two Italian kingdoms provide […]

Huzzah! Book 3 updated

The latest version of Book 3: Diagrams and FAQs for Huzzah! is now available on the Huzzah! page of the Oozlum Games website. The diagrams have been updated to eliminate red-green combinations to make them easier to see for gamers who suffer from the commonest form of colour-blindness. An extra page details formations for the […]

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New look for Fighting 15s shop

The design of the shop has been overhauled to bring it more into line with online shops that use OS Commerce. Note that we do not use OS Commerce itself, and the change is just down to clever template editing. The new shop uses Fighting 15s’ colours for a more uniform look, and allows special […]

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Fighting 15s goes Dutch

We have just added to the range of 15mm Flags for AB with the following Hanoverian, Dutch, and Dutch-Belgian flags: HAN-F01 Hanoverian Legion, plus Hanoverian infantry 1813-15 (10) DUT-F01 Kingdom of Holland infantry 1806-10 (8) DUT-F02 United Provinces infantry 1815 (8) DUT-F03 United Provinces jagers & militia 1815 (8) DUT-F04 Holland 1806-10 and United Provinces […]