Napoleonic painting guides from Fighting 15s


Once upon a time, Fighting 15s was just a figure painting service specialising in 15mm Napoleonics. It’s where the name comes from – an allusion to British regimental nicknames such as the “Fighting 15th”, the King’s Hussars, and to magnificent pieces of technology such as the F-15 Eagle.

Way back then, Fighting 15s had two painting articles published by the now defunct Wargames Journal in its Painter’s Shed series.

Fighting 15s has long since stopped being a painting service, and those articles have long since disappeared in a complete form from the web (they partly exist on the Wayback Machine). But now, thanks to a request for a copy of the articles, they have been republished and can be found in their new home on Fighting 15s’ Oozlum Games website.

The guides show how I paint 15mm AB French infantry and 15mm AB French chasseurs a cheval to a decent wargames standard, rather than showcase standard, using a two-tone system I adopted before I’d even heard of Kevin Dallimore and his layering technique. I suspect a number of painters at much the same time decided that painting, washing and over-painting was too much work, and the same effect could be obtained simply by layering different shades of each colour.

The articles are quite old, and the technology used to take and edit the images quite primitive, but I hope that the articles stand the test of time, given that their ilk are 10 a penny nowadays, and I trust that they still prove useful.