More reworked 40mm Greek hoplites

More reworked 40mm Greek hoplites GRK004

Four more Greek hoplites have joined the number of codes that Fighting 15s has reworked from the former 40mm Flashing Blade range. We’ve made new moulds from master castings and rationalised what were codes GRK004 and GRK009 (previously G04 and G09) into one set of codes, because they all share the same body. One new hoplite combination is possible from the reworked parts, making use of better-fitting sword arm.

The codes are now:

GRK004A Greek hoplite with spear held over shield
GRK004B Greek hoplite with spear (formerly code GRK009A)
GRK004C Greek hoplite with sword (formerly code GRK009B)
GRK004D Greek hoplite with raised sword (new code)

Figures are £3.50 each inc VAT. They are supplied with a random helmet crest.