MEGA Pack international delivery options

Putting together some of the new MEGA packs of 15mm ancients shows we can cram an entire army pack, for Art de la Guerre or the more generic MEGA pack, into one of our standard large letter sized boxes. What’s more, the total comes to under 500 grammes, which means for US customers in particular we can now offer the cheapest possible delivery rate for a single army pack.

US customers are affected by the new international postal rates for small parcels that came into effect on 1 July 2020 that charge a small fortune for the last mile of delivery. Large letters are not affected, so Fighting 15s can now send an ADLG or MEGA army pack for £10.50 standard mail to the USA, or just £14.80 tracked. With the ex-VAT price of an army pack being £33.39, it’s possible for US customers to have one for a price comparable with the tax and delivery inclusive price to UK customers. However, we recommend using a tracked international delivery option for speed and for peace of mind during the pandemic.

Fighting 15s has also tweaked the delivery settings for all other international customers to make sure that army packs fall into the large letter banding to get a better delivery price for a single MEGA pack.

Please note that it is not possible to cram a booster pack as well as an army pack into the same-sized large letter packaging. There are limits to the capacity of the format!