Mega Army and Unit Packs from Fighting 15s

Fighting 15s announces the release of the first of its new Mega Value Army Packs and Mega Value Unit Packs as part of the restructuring of its 15mm ancients to medieval starter and army sets. Now you can have metal for about the same price as plastic. And to save our typing fingers we’re just going to refer to them as Mega Packs from now on.

We’re looking ahead to the future of sales, both at wargames shows and in the post-Brexit online market to the EU. Our belief is that the only way ahead is to provide better-priced starter army and booster unit sets that can be easily handed over at shows, whenever they resume and if ever we are able to attend, or sold to the EU via a marketplace such as eBay that takes care of import VAT for customers. We’re not there yet: building up the new range of packs is the first step.

Building these packs also allows us to provide packs that are immediately more useful when creating armies for a number of mainstream ancients rules sets, such as Art de la Guerre, Field of Glory, and Mortem et Gloriam, and to provide more relevant names for figures for modern rules’ ancients army lists. For example, stopping the Huns hiding under the more generic Asiatic Nomads label.

First up are the Late Romans and the Huns. Both are excellent ranges of sculpts by Josef Ochmann, first released under the Hobby Products name and a mainstay of the Gladiator Miniatures range for a number of years. We’re working through these ranges to redo the moulds to restore the crispness of the original castings, and will add new photographs when possible.

Our first two army packs are:

MEG001 Late Roman Mega Starter Pack
MEG010 Hunnic Mega Starter Pack

Both are priced at £39.95 including VAT. The Late Roman pack contains 128 equivalent pieces; the Hunnic pack 132 equivalent pieces. A piece in Fighting 15s’ reckoning is one foot figure, one horse, or one separate rider; a one-part mounted figure or a separate horse with rider count as two equivalent pieces. Anyway, that works out at about 31p inc VAT per equivalent piece.

Our first unit packs are:

MEG002 Late Roman Legionaries and Archers
MEG003 Late Roman Auxiliaries and Archers
MEG004 Late Roman Cataphract Cavalry
MEG005 Late Roman Equites with light spear
MEG006 Late Roman Equites Mauri with javelin, plus command
MEG011 Hunnic Noble Cavalry
MEG012 Hunnic Cavalry
MEG013 Hunnic Horse Archers
MEG014 Hunnic Allies – Gepid Cavalry

Mega Unit Packs are £12 each including VAT. Packs contain 32 foot figures or 16 mounted figures. That works out at 37.5p for a foot figure or 75p for a mounted figure including the horse. Our standard packs in the Gladiator Miniatures range by comparison work out at 42.5p for a foot figure and 85p for a mounted figure.

The unit packs are intended to provide easy boosters for the army packs, all backed by the existing range of Gladiator Miniatures to provide command figures and small add-ons to adjust unit sizes.

Our new Mega Packs are available only from Fighting 15s direct. We’re not putting them through our agents because the substantial discounting to make them as cheap as some plastics means there isn’t the margin for them to go through the trade. You’ll get no useless sprues of plastic, nor fancy artwork, just figures separated by code into gripseal bags. Our existing army pack formulations will remain in the shop for now, but we fully expect to replace all of them with Mega Packs.

The new packs are available in the Fighting 15s shop now.