Little Green Men on the Isle of Wight

Further to the Martian invasion of Surrey, we now have little green men of sorts on the Isle of Wight. Orders that are not packed with reused materials are now packed using biodegradable bubble wrap – the green-coloured sort that starts to break down sometime after it has been exposed to light.
We’re pleased to revert to slightly more environmentally friendly packaging for our toy soldiers, having had to give up using the biodegradable packing beads because they would not work with the new slimline boxes. We are aware that the new packing material does not break down in the same way, but it is currently the best solution.
Fighting 15s runs its office equipment on solar and wind power, reuses and recycles packing materials, and uses biodegradable packing materials where possible. Can we claim to be one of the greenest wargames traders?