Gladiator Miniatures: 15mm riot police in heavy armour

The rioters that we recently unleashed onto the mean streets of the modern world are no longer free to do as they will. Our latest releases in Gladiator Miniatures’  15mm Generation 5GZ range are two packs of riot police in heavy armour, one standing and one using minimum force to quash all protests.

The codes are:

G5Z003 Riot police
G5Z004 Riot police in action poses

Packs are priced at £4 each including VAT,  and contain two each of three different 15mm figures, making six figures in total. Three round and three rectangular metal shields are provided in each pack, so it’s possible to make six different figures. We suggest using flat PET food packaging to make clear shields, using a hole punch to make round ones.

All figures in Gladiator Miniatures ranges are cast in lead-free pewter and made to order.

Our next releases in this range will be the first in a wave of 5G-created zombies, just as soon as we get the moulds made.