French Army of the North 1815 Orbat Flags

They’ve been a little late joining battle with the existing flags for the Anglo-Allied Army of 1815, but the 15mm flags for the French for the Waterloo campaign are now available in the Fighting 15s shop. The Orders of Battle flags are ideal for wargamers or collectors who wish to have the correct flags for each battalion or regiment on the tabletop.

Our designer has been doing more research into the period. Sources vary as to whether the flags for the Army of the North had gold fringes, and because they’re easier cut off if not wanted than added if desired, our flags for this release have fringes.

As with their predecessors in the former Flags for AB range, Fighting 15s flags are ideally suited to larger 15mm or 18mm figures, having originally been designed to fit around the flagpoles of AB Figures. The French flags are deliberately overscale to show better on the tabletop.

All the flags are in our latest, enhanced style. Sheets cost £4.50 each including VAT, and the number of flags per sheet varies according to the formations represented.