Free PDF of Martian Empires

Martian Empires, wargames rules for the wars between Mars and Earth, is now available as a free to download PDF from

In addition, the existing soft cover print edition of the rules is reduced in price from £10 to £5. The physical version will not be reprinted when the remaining stocks have gone.

The PDF version takes on a few of the errata published in the Venus Expedition, but apart from a new cover is almost unchanged from the 2007 edition.The rules have basically stood the test of time and don’t need changing. What Fighting 15s has done is correct a few errors in the army lists, plus expand some definitions. Venus is still useful for the fuller explanations, plus all the Lizardmen scenarios.

The only authorised source of the PDF edition of Martian Empires is

Fighting 15s, of course, produces the 18mm Martian Empires figures ideally suited for the rules.