New look website for Fighting 15s

Fighting 15s' new website
Fighting 15s‘ redesigned website is now in place and we hope you find it even easier to use and navigate than the previous osCommerce-like design. A number of elements have been shifted to the page menu at the top of the site, making essential information easier to find, and the rest of the site has been simplified.
A mini-shopping cart now heads the top left-hand column, with easier to find currency  options for UK, US and EU customers.  We have kept the navigation system the same in essence, but products now run in four columns across the page, rather than two, which should reduce the depth of some shop pages.
We now have a separate news page populated by our RSS news feed from the Oozlum Games website. The separate page should eliminate some page-loading issues caused by the old design constantly refreshing the headlines at each navigational step. But it does mean that you can’t see at a glance whether the news has been updated.  
We have to go through all the images at some point to make them better suited to the design, so they fit the product boxes better. So in short, some product images will not be displayed at their best for some time to come. No doubt there will be other teething problems.
The core of the shop is still the same: the site is still hosted by ekmpowershop, it’s just we now have a custom template for the design. The cart, therefore, behaves in the same way.