Fighting 15s pricing update

Good news everybody! The price of tin has actually plummeted during the past few months, to the extent that Pewter 92, the metal we use to cast figures, is actually substantially cheaper than when we last bought it, 14 months ago.

So, even though electricity costs are high and due to rise further, and no one can afford a pack of luxury Danish butter or to fill a car with fuel, Fighting 15s currently sees no reason to increase prices in the near future. This means we will continue to offer reasonably priced figures at least until the energy price cap changes again, at which point we will reassess our costs. Our bargain starter ADLG and MEGA packs will continue to offer figures at less than the cost of some 15mm plastic figures.

Even so, the effect of the last price cap change on energy costs was minimal: for us, it added 0.3p to the cost of casting one packet of figures. However, the effect of the rise on heating has yet to be felt, because on the whole it has been a tad warm since April.

And no, we don’t feel the need to adjust prices downwards. We still have to eat. 🙂