Fighting 15s: post-COVID update

Fighting 15s is running normally after time off caused by COVID and a necessary recovery period. As of 4pm on 14 July 2022 Fighting 15s is fully up to date on orders. There may be a few emails I have missed. I’m sorry, but it’s unlikely I will find them after a three-week layoff.

I am still prone to bouts of fatigue, but this is normal for me for summer. Please don’t be surprised to learn that at 3pm on a hot afternoon that I tend to go fully Mediterranean and have a siesta, picking up the reins again in the evening. (I do not later go clubbing at midnight… it’s the Isle of Wight, not Barcelona). This is much easier to fit in running Gladiator Miniatures than it was during the agency period for Eureka, when an afternoon’s sleep was catastrophic to the routine processing of orders. But it happened none the less.

Also normal for summer is the fact that because of the current extreme heat, I issue my usual caution that casting may not happen immediately, and may instead take place in the coolest part of the first possible day. This may result in a slight delay to orders going out, especially as it relies on me waking up at 6am to turn on the melt pot. Also, I may well go “Screw all this for a game of soldiers” and head to the beach, a short walk away, for a bracing dip in the sea (it’s definitely not the Mediterranean!).

Thanks to everyone for their good wishes, understanding and patience while I was ill. I’ve recovered to the extent that I can run around and play tennis against more elderly opponents, so COVID appears to have no long-term consequences for me this time around. My family has also recovered.

Fighting 15s