Fighting 15s: Injury update

Fighting 15s and Gladiator Miniatures are currently affected by a sports-related injury, which reduces the speed at which I can process orders. Following an emergency but brief shutdown, when I cleared all outstanding orders, the shop reopened for business.

I have tendonitis in my right hand and wrist, sometimes making work difficult or painful, and I am usually only up to speed by the afternoon of most days. This is a long-term sports injury that will get better in time. The injury to my left hand has largely cleared up and is no longer troublesome. I admit that it was quite a shock waking up one morning to discover I couldn’t use both hands.

Given these circumstances, I want everyone to know that I aim to complete orders as quickly as possible, but I can no longer manage long casting sessions. I am hugely relieved I am no longer in charge of a UK agency with a workload five times my current one.

If the injuries recur or worsen, I may switch the shop into catalogue mode – which makes ranges viewable but deactivates the shopping cart – if I feel I am getting behind on orders. The header text on the shop will change to indicate this mode is active.

Ian, Fighting 15s
Updated 29 February 2024