Fighting 15s Flags: Prince Conde’s Corps in Russian service

Two sheets of flags for French emigrés in Russian service are the latest additions to Fighting 15s’ range of 15mm paper flags, formerly Flags for AB. The flags provide some novel regimental options for wargamers interested in Suvorov’s campaign against the French in Italy and Switzerland.

Based on information from and real examples of the flags at the Musée de Condé, Fighting 15s presents flags for Prince Condé’s Corps, comprising Prince Condé’s Noble Regiment, the Duke de Bourbon’s Grenadier Regiment, the Duke de Hohenlohe-Durand’s Regiment and the Duke de Berry and the Duke d’Enghien dragoons.

Sheet RUS-F081 includes the 1797 pattern flags for the three infantry regiments. Sheet RUS-F082 includes the 1800 pattern flags for the Duke de Bourbon’s Grenadiers, plus the flags for the two dragoon regiments. There are 12 flags per sheet: one white flag and three coloured flags for each regiment. Like all our flags for the Napoleonic and Revolutionary Wars, they are designed with AB Figures’ flagpoles in mind. The flags match our existing Russian range in size and design. Each sheet costs £4.00 including VAT.

For the Prince Condé’s Noble Regiment, Fighting 15s has opted to follow the museum’s research, which shows red paint in the corners and indicates that the existing flags were once that colour instead of the white they have become with age. The Duke de Bourbon Grenadiers lost a colour at the Battle of Constance in 1799, but for its bravery in that action and for capturing the flag of the French 53rd Demi-Brigade it was awarded new flags of the 1800 pattern by Tsar Paul.

Fighting 15s is particularly grateful to Steven Hill for providing information and sources to make this small project possible.