Fighting 15s: Etsy option for EU customers

In light of recent communications from EU customers, Fighting 15s has opened a trial Etsy store at The store only contains our Generation 5GZ range of modern 15mm figures, zombies and zombie hunters, as these seem a good fit with the types of products available through Etsy. We are reluctant to offer a mainstream wargames range through Etsy, or to list our entire range of products.

The figures, BTW, are in theory ideal in size for the new TT:120 range of railways released by Hornby for anyone who fancies a frenzied zombie-filled riot on a train set.

Prices are slightly higher on Etsy to account for listing fees and Etsy payment processing fees, but for EU customers Etsy should take care of import VAT and fees. For some EU customers this should avoid the need to pay high handling fees to their countries’ mail services. But we don’t know until we test the whole system with a real order.