Fighting 15s: EPIC 15mm flags for Waterloo

Fighting 15s flags have been popular with customers building armies using small 15mm Epic plastic figures, although our standard range is technically too large, what with being originally designed to suit 18mm AB Figures. So to test the waters for properly sized flags for these figures, Fighting 15s has launched its EPIC 15mm Orbat range of flags for Waterloo 1815.

The range mirrors our existing orbat range for Waterloo, but the flags have been resized so that British flags, for example are 15mm on the pole and 16mm on the fly, as opposed to 18mm and 19mm respectively. This puts them more in keeping with Epic figures, which are just about 14mm foot to eye. The flags use Fighting 15s’ enhanced shading style.

Fighting 15s’ initial offering is just flags for the Anglo-Allied army, covering British, Netherlands, Nassau, Hanoverian and Brunswick units. As with our existing orbat flags, flags that weren’t actually issued at the time are included so that wargamers may issue their troops some sort of flag for identification purposes.

All sheets are £4.50 each including VAT, and the number of flags on a sheet varies according to the historical formation.