Fighting 15s: Christmas hours 2021

Fighting 15s is closed for Christmas and New Year from 8 December 2021 to 2 January 2022 inclusive. It will still be possible to place orders in the shop and they will be dealt with on our return to work.

We have a lot of reorganisation to get done. The reality is that very few orders come in after 7 December, especially from non-UK customers, so this year we’re changing our usual habit of quietly working through the holiday period. We plan to rearrange the moulds storage – we’re still operating in post-flood mode – get some new moulds made, prepare for the New Year, and update the shop with new products. Plus we intend to make some time for our family, some of whom have been stuck in Sweden for most of the past 20 months because of the travel restrictions. That may mean lots of games of Ticket To Ride Nordic Countries are on the cards.

So it’s Merry Christmas from me and God Jul from them.