Fighting 15s: Christmas as usual

Fighting 15s’ Grinch here… As is usual, I’m not shutting the online shop for Christmas, but will be taking days off for various reasons: daughter briefly back from Sweden, family insisting I visit, playing a board game, watching anime, doing gardening that hasn’t been possible during what seems like three months of solid rain, or just being overcome by food and drink. Customers may order as usual and I’ll get around to the order as soon as possible. For goodness’ sake do not try telephoning me on Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Year’s Day unless you particularly enjoy having an ear chewed off.

Past experience tells me that no one pays much attention to last posting dates for anywhere, so what I’ll do is put orders out as quickly as possible until about Thursday 14 December. After that, you’re pushing it for me to cast large orders in time for the big day, especially as this year I have the added festive joys of a torn calf muscle, plus tendonitis in my casting wrist. Orders for locations outside the UK are already taking a chance on being delivered on time.

In the quieter period, I intend to be at work on new releases, trying to put together stuff to tempt you all into recklessness in the new year, as well as remaking some worn moulds. I may even get around to photographing the outstanding codes for Martian Empires that have been sitting in a box waiting for over a year.

So a merry Christmas to you all.

Fighting 15s and Gladiator Miniatures