Fighting 15s announces… Fighting 15s Figures

40mm Flashing Blade figures - now called Fighting 40s
40mm Flashing Blade figures – now called Fighting 40s
Fighting 15s’ long hot summer of reorganization and rationalization has seen a new section arrive in the online shop: Fighting 15s Figures.
Fighting 15s Figures is home to the ranges that we ourselves own and produce: Huzzah! Miniatures, Flashing Blade, and the 15mm medievals and Napoleonics formerly made by Oddzial Osmy. These have all been lurking in different sections of the website, and we have now united them all under one banner.
The change has been promoted by new mould making, primarily for the 15mm medievals and Napoleonics, but also for the 40mm Flashing Blade range. This means some of these old codes are now available from fresh new moulds. Our priority has been bringing back to life Oddzial Osmy’s 15mm Tannenberg line for 1410, and redoing the Flashing Blade hoplites where mould wear in the arm sockets has made assembly a challenge best accomplished with a drill.
We have further rebranded the figures as follows: the 15mm Oddzial Osmy medievals and Napoleonics are now Fighting 15s, the traditional 30mm SYW from Huzzah! Miniatures are now Fighting 30s, and the 40mm Flashing Blade Greek hoplites, skeletons, Dark Ages Saxons and Romano-British are now Fighting 40s.
Some codes still have to be remoulded and migrated to the new section of the website. News of relaunched figures will be posted as they become available.