Fighting 15s: Health and service update

As many customers I hope are aware, my wife Janet has been seriously ill over the past 13 months, having undergone six months of chemotherapy to treat leukaemia, and then requiring the rest of the time to recuperate. During that time I have found it a struggle to look after the family, run the home, and manage Fighting 15s without ruining my reputation for customer service or letting down the companies that I represent. I have worked some pretty crazy hours to keep on top.
Janet has now been able to resume work part-time, and does not have to see her consultant for another three months. Her bone marrow is still not entirely normal, but test results show she is none the less healthier than some perfectly well people, and so apart from the occasional visit to hospital and the need to take life a bit more carefully, we are as back to normal as we’ll ever be.
Fighting 15s is beginning to get back to the point it had reached 13 months ago: i.e. on top of orders, back doing wargames shows, and looking at expanding its line-up of manufacturers. Emails are dealt with when possible, sometimes even promptly. Unfortunately, it has been necessary to drop the traditional mail-order lists and switch to being an almost entirely internet-based business: doing so has ensured the orders system remains organised and fully recoverable in the event of human error. As Fighting 15s can keep going on internet-based orders and sales at shows, a return to using traditional paper-based mail order lists is not on the cards: too few orders arrive by post to warrant the time and effort spent on maintaining the lists.
Thank you to all my customers who have stuck with me and understood my problems during this horrendous time. Your support and patience is most appreciated. I have undoubtedly offended some customers during this time, or seemed distant, offhand, irrational, or inconsistent to others. Extreme stress makes a person do strange things, and I can only apologise: you have been dealing with someone who at times has had the reasoning powers and memory of Pooh Bear, which must be most frustrating.
Fighting 15s