Feudal Prussian-Estonian Army for ADLG

Fighting 15s turns its attention to the Feudals range for its latest release suitable for L’Art de la Guerre (ADLG), with a Prussian and Estonian starter pack and boosters created by ADLG expert Madaxeman.com.

Our new 15mm Prussian and Estonian ADLG Starter Pack (AWA008), cast in lead-free pewter, contains 84 foot figures and 22 mounted figures all for just £39.95 inc VAT. Based on army list 219 in version 4 of ADLG, the pack will provide a good start to creating a 200-point army for the rules. However, because of the low points cost of the foot figures in this army, booster packs are required to build it up to strength.

The following booster packs are available:

AWB022 Prussian and Estonian Warriors
AWB023 Prussian and Estonian Poorly-armed Warriors
AWB024 Prussian and Estonian Bowmen and Javelinmen
AWB025 Polish Ally

Booster packs cost £12 inc VAT each. AWB022 to 024 each contain 32 foot figures; AWB025 contains 11 mounted and 10 foot figures.

The starter and booster packs are also backed by our existing standard and command packs in the Gladiator Miniatures Feudals range. Standard packs contain 8 infantry or 4 mounted at £3.80 inc VAT; command packs typically contain 5 foot or 3 mounted at £2.85 inc VAT. All Gladiator Miniatures are cast to order. Figures are provided unpainted and unassembled. ADLG starter and booster packs typically break with our standard pack sizes.

Our particular aim with the Feudals ADLG starter packs is to help gamers, particularly newcomers, understand what all the figures may be used for, making entry into this period of tabletop warfare easier and more affordable. We will be adding more Feudals starter and booster packs shortly.

Link: https://fighting15s.com/

Fe028 Prussian and Lithuanian archers