Deliveries to EU suspended

Fighting 15s has suspended deliveries to the EU. Too many parcels are getting severely delayed in customs, or lost, which leads to refunds and an overall loss for us.

The new barcoded postal and customs labels are clearly not helping, despite being correct, and although a few EU customers are getting their orders, a significant number are not. Fighting 15s cannot continue to sustain losses this way, and it is with regret that we take this decision.

We will review the situation once it becomes apparent that customs in EU countries can cope with the workload caused by new rules on imports and the technology required to implement them. Until then, EU countries may continue to show as options in the shop, but no valid delivery options are available for them.

Note that customers in Norway, Switzerland and other non-EU European countries are not affected. We will continue to supply you. They haven’t adopted the same dumbass rules on imports as the EU and the UK.