COVID hits Fighting 15s

Last week, all of the family tested positive for COVID. We feel lucky to have escaped COVID for so long, until a milder variant is doing the rounds, and multiple vaccinations have almost certainly reduced the impact. All of us are doing fine, but I wouldn’t describe the experience as enjoyable.

I do not want to risk Fighting 15s’ customers, so I am currently neither packing nor sending out orders. Because I tested positive four days after shutting the workshop for a short break, it’s a clean environment, and I will not be going back inside until I test negative. There doesn’t seem much benefit to spraying infectious droplets around a clean working environment.

I hope to be clear in a few days, at which point I will resume work on orders. However, that may not be until the end of the week.

Update (30 June): I am still testing positive, although I feel much better with only a trace of a cough. Accordingly, I do not expect to rescue work on orders until Monday 4 July.

Update (4 July): My family and I have all now tested negative. I am not at 100% but am beginning work on the backlog of orders. Please be patient while I deal with them.

Update (7 July): A routine test before meeting people today was positive, which means the previous negative result may be false. Although I am advised that after 10 days I am unlikely to be infectious, especially as I do not feel unwell, as a precaution I am suspending the dispatch of orders until Monday 11 July.

Update (11 July): I am negative as of today, but still recovering. I have a small backlog of orders to deal with, and will do so as soon as possible.

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