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Grand Prince Vytautas rides out in 15mm

Following on the heels of the re-released 15mm Teutonic Order and Polish figures for the Battle of Tannenberg (Grünwald) 1410 come the Lithuanians. Formerly produced by Oddział Osmy of Poland, these figures are now available through Fighting 15s. The Lithuanians comprise three packs: ML01 Lithuanian Boyars ML02 Grand Prince Vytautas and retinue ML03 Lithuanian light […]

15mm Napoleonic Saxon Chevaulegers 1809

Fighting 15s has re-released the 15mm 1809 Saxon chevaulegers formerly made by Oddzial Osmy of Poland. The chevaulegers have been remastered, have new production moulds and now come with one-piece horses, rather than the two-part horses of the originals: riders are still separate from the horses. Figures are priced at £3.20 for four identical troopers […]

Fighting 15s re-releases Oddzial Osmy 15mm Cossacks

Fighting 15s has re-released Oddzial Osmy’s 15mm Cossacks for 1812, with new moulds made from the original masters. The figures are part of a small Napoleonic range originally made by the Polish figures manufacturer, and now owned by Fighting 15s. The figures are cast open-handed and lances are not provided. Figures are available in packs […]

Fighting 15s re-releases 15mm Krakus cavalry

At long last Ian at Fighting 15s has got his act together and started re-releasing the 15mm figures originally produced by Oddzial Osmy of Poland. The company produced a small range of 15mm Napoleonics and Medievals, to which Fighting 15s now has the rights. Fighting 15s is in the process of making new moulds from […]