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Temporary closure at Fighting 15s

Fighting 15s is shut from 1 June 2020 for one month. We will be cleaning up the shop after the removal of AB Figures and Eureka Miniatures products, and working on much-needed new pictures, plus a redesign of the online shop. All remaining AB and Eureka miniatures will either be reincarnated as new figures (melted […]

Fighting 15s acquires Gladiator Miniatures from Black Hat

Fighting 15s is taking over the 15mm and 18mm ranges from Black Hat Miniatures, and ownership officially transfers this weekend at Colours. All the 15mm ranges will be sold as Gladiator Miniatures – as they were before Black Hat produced them. The 18mm Martian Empires range will be sold under the Martian Empires name in […]

Fighting 15s releases 15mm Ancien Régime flags

Fighting 15s  has released 30 sheets of 15mm paper flags for Ancien Régime infantry. The flags are suitable for French infantry from the Seven Years War right up to the Revolutionary Wars. Each sheet costs £4.00 including VAT and sheets typically contain 12 flags – six white Colonel’s flags and six coloured Ordonnance flags. Flags […]

Grand Prince Vytautas rides out in 15mm

Following on the heels of the re-released 15mm Teutonic Order and Polish figures for the Battle of Tannenberg (Grünwald) 1410 come the Lithuanians. Formerly produced by Oddział Osmy of Poland, these figures are now available through Fighting 15s. The Lithuanians comprise three packs: ML01 Lithuanian Boyars ML02 Grand Prince Vytautas and retinue ML03 Lithuanian light […]

15mm Napoleonic Saxon Chevaulegers 1809

Fighting 15s has re-released the 15mm 1809 Saxon chevaulegers formerly made by Oddzial Osmy of Poland. The chevaulegers have been remastered, have new production moulds and now come with one-piece horses, rather than the two-part horses of the originals: riders are still separate from the horses. Figures are priced at £3.20 for four identical troopers […]

Fighting 15s re-releases Oddzial Osmy 15mm Cossacks

Fighting 15s has re-released Oddzial Osmy’s 15mm Cossacks for 1812, with new moulds made from the original masters. The figures are part of a small Napoleonic range originally made by the Polish figures manufacturer, and now owned by Fighting 15s. The figures are cast open-handed and lances are not provided. Figures are available in packs […]

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Oddzial Osmy re-releases from Fighting 15s: Teutonic infantry previews

Next up in the 15mm re-releases of former Oddzial Osmy ranges from Fighting 15s will be the Teutonic crossbowmen and spearmen. We now have the production masters made for the moulds, using the original master figures as a starting point, and hope to get the production moulds made in the next few weeks. The figures […]

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Fighting 15s re-releases 15mm Krakus cavalry

At long last Ian at Fighting 15s has got his act together and started re-releasing the 15mm figures originally produced by Oddzial Osmy of Poland. The company produced a small range of 15mm Napoleonics and Medievals, to which Fighting 15s now has the rights. Fighting 15s is in the process of making new moulds from […]

Scale Creep ACW reverts to US-only production

Scale Creep Miniatures and Fighting 15s have by mutual agreement ended the licensing deal by which Fighting 15s produces Scale Creep’s 18mm ACW range in the UK. The range is now only available direct from Scale Creep in the US. Thank you to all customers in the UK and Europe who have supported this range […]

Orbat series adds French and Spanish flags for Albuera and Fuentes de Onoro

As well as redesigning the 15mm Spanish flags for the Napoleonic range, our designer has completed the flags required for Fuentes de Onoro (3 to 5 May 1811) and Albuera (16 May 1811) with the addition of French and Spanish flags, plus a sheet for the famous Light Division. The Order of Battle series of […]

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