Art de la Guerre Meso-American MEGA packs

Following the release of its 15mm Late Roman and Hunnic Mega packs for popular ancients to medieval rules set Art de la Guerre (ADLG), Fighting 15s announces the release of Mega army and booster packs for the Meso-Americans. All the packs have been designed in co-operation with ADLG guru to provide the starting point and variations for a viable 200-point army using figures from our Gladiator Miniatures line.

Priced at £39.95 for the ADLG Army packs and £12 for ADLG Booster packs, Mega packs make high-quality metal 15mm wargames figures available for the price of some manufacturers’ plastics. Plus the releases are backed by Gladiator Miniatures’ existing standard packs of infantry and command figures.

The codes in the Meso-American ADLG release are as follows:

AWA003 Aztec ADLG Army Pack
AWA004 Mayan ADLG Army Pack
AWA005 Tlaxcallan (Texcalan) ADLG Army Pack
AWA006 Mixtec/Zapotec ADLG Army Pack

AWB003 ADLG Booster: Aztec Eagle and Jaguar Knights
AWB004 ADLG Booster: Aztec Arrow Knights
AWB005 ADLG Booster: Aztec Warriors
AWB006 ADLG Booster: Aztec Skirmishers
AWB007 ADLG Booster: Aztec Warrior Priests and Cuachic Veterans
AWB008 ADLG Booster: Mayan Noble Warriors
AWB009 ADLG Booster: Mayan Warriors
AWB010 ADLG Booster: Mayan Missile Troops
AWB011 ADLG Booster: Mayan Command and Nobles
AWB012 ADLG Booster: Tlaxcallan Command and Suit Wearers
AWB013 ADLG Booster: Tlaxcallan Warriors
AWB014 ADLG Booster: Tlaxcallan Archers
AWB015 ADLG Booster: Mixtec/Zapotec Warriors
AWB016 ADLG Booster: Mixtec/Zapotec Missile Troops

Booster packs contain 32 foot figures. Army packs contain 128 foot figures, except the Tlaxcallan army, which contains 130. Prices above include VAT.

Mega packs are replacing our previous army packs, making them more relevant for today’s wargames rules, such as ADLG, Field of Glory and Mortem et Gloriam. They may also be added to using the standard packs from Gladiator Miniatures, all of which are in production. Army packs typically represent a saving of more than 20% compared with standard pack prices; booster packs typically represent a saving of more than 10% compared with standard pack prices. Standard packs of 8 infantry cost £3.40 inc VAT (42.5p per figure).

A discussion of army list building for the Meso-Americans forms the subject of a recent podcast, which can be heard at:

In addition to the ADLG packs above, Fighting 15s has also put together Mega packs for the Meso-Americans more suited to unit-based games, providing a different balance of figures.

ADLG army and booster packs:
MEGA army and unit packs:

AZ001 Aztec Command