15mm War of Spanish Succession Flags

British 15mm paper flags for the War of Spanish Succession are now available in the Fighting 15s shop. The flags cover both the pre-1807 Union and post-1807 Union variants for the regiments of foot.

The range comprises 24 different sheets, each depicting the Colonel’s, Lieutenant-Colonel’s and Major’s colours for four regiments, making 12 flags per sheet. Each sheet costs £4.00 including VAT.

The flags sheets are mainly listed according to the regiment numbers later adopted, with the regimental names listed in the full description. For example, sheet F101 includes flags for the Earl of Orkney’s regiment (later 1st Royal Scots), Sir Henry Bellasis’ (The Queen Dowager’s) regiment (later 2nd foot), Charles Churchill’s regiment (later 3rd foot) and Henry Trelawny’s (The Queen’s Own) regiment, later 4th foot. The sheet is identified in the shop as 1st to 4th foot to avoid a massive product title.

The flags partner our Gladiator Miniatures 15mm wargames figures for the Marlburian period. They are particularly suited to the newly remastered WSS003 Infantry Command I, a multi-national pack for all non-French infantry.

Link: https://fighting15s.com/product-category/fighting-15s-flags/war-of-spanish-succession/

Link: https://fighting15s.com/product-category/gladiator-miniatures/marlburian/

WSS003 Marlburian infantry command I
WSS003 Marlburian infantry command I